Nihon-i Test

Introduction to Nihon-i Test

There are two types of tests: the Introductory Test (free of charge) and the Proficiency Test (fee required).

Nihon-i “Introductory Test”

The Nihon-i Introductory Test (“Nyumon Test”) consists of easy questions about Japanese culture, Japanese products, Japanese sightseeing spots, etc., to interest you.

The test is free of charge. Anyone can take the test.

Nihon-i “Proficiency Test”

The Nihon-i Proficiency Test (“Jitsuryoku Test”) is a more difficult test than the introductory test. Please use this test as a "confirmation test of your ability" after taking a one-shot course or after completing a series of courses.

The test is also available to the general public.

All the fees for taking the test are charged.

You can take the test after paying by credit card.

Please follow the instructions on the site. The test fee differs for each test.

Scores for the above two types of tests can be checked after the test is taken.

A perfect score on any test is 100 points.

After taking the test, we will issue a "Certificate of Examination Results" and send it by e-mail to those who wish to take the introductory test, or to everyone in the case of the proficiency test.

How to take the two tests and the flow chart

The test is written only in Japanese and easy Japanese.

If you wish to take the test in other languages, please use translation software.

Nihon-i Introductory Test (free of charge)


From the Introductory Tests page, select the test you wish to take and click "Take Test".

Take a test 

1 Please note that you will not receive the results unless you enter the correct e-mail address.

Check the results on the web or by e-mail.

The full score is 100 points.

 Score distribution is clearly stated in each question.


If you wish to receive a Certificate of Examination Results, check the "Issue Certificate" box. You will receive it by e-mail after taking the exam. You can also print it out.



Nihon-i ProficiencyTest (fee required)


From the Proficiency Tests page, select the test you wish to take and click on "Pay the fee and proceed to the paid test.

Click "Buy Now" to finalize your payment (card or PayPay).

We accept Visa, Master, AMEX, Diners, and JCB cards. No other payment methods will be accepted.


You can take the "Proficiency Test" after your payment is confirmed.

Take a test


1 Please be careful to enter your correct e-mail address or you will not receive the results by e-mail.


2. There is a space to write your name on the test. For general applicants, you may use your nickname.

However, the "Certificate of Examination Result" issued to all examinees will be issued in the name entered here. Please be aware of this.

If your instructor recommends that you take the exam, please enter the information as instructed by your instructor.


A "Certificate of Examination Results" will be automatically issued to all examinees and sent to you by e-mail. You can also print it out.

The maximum score is 100 points.

Score distribution is listed on each test.


Questions about test questions

We will not accept questions that lead to answers during the test taking process.

For any other questions regarding test questions, please contact us using the "Inquiry Form" form on this website.

The Nihon-i Secretariat will contact the relevant parties.

Please do not contact the instructor directly regarding questions about test questions on this site.

You can search the Nihon -i site from below. Please use this form.  Example: Japanese culture