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Why the text on the Japan Information Dissemination Site "Nihon-i" is so simple.


We have tried to make this site as simple and easy to understand as possible so that a wide range of readers can enjoy it, from children to adults, foreigners living in Japan, and foreigners living abroad.

Let's go!

Nihon-i "Japan Information" Contents List

Relation between Japan Information, Japan Tourism and Introductory Tests

In addition to general information, the Nihon Ai Japan information includes niche Japanese culture, Japanese food culture, Japanese products, Japanese language and dialects, and a Japan Handbook, while the Japan Sightseeing section includes specialties from hidden tourist spots in Japan (mainly supporting underpopulated areas) and products unique to that area.


We would like you to learn about Japan and discover a Japan you never knew existed through our Japan Information and Japan Tourism pages and two types of tests.



The Japan Information and Japan Tourism page has released the preliminary knowledge for "Introductory Test (free of charge)". We recommend that you read it and then take the introductory test, which is free of charge.


Both of the two types of tests use an automated test-taking system. The purpose and process of taking the Introductory Test (free of charge) and the Proficiency Test (charged) are different, so please refer to the "Nihon Ai Test" page.


Who can benefit from the Nihon Ai Japan Information Page?

▶Those who are interested in Japanese culture and want to deepen their understanding (children to adults)

Japanese culture, Japanese products, and Japanese tourism are currently attracting attention from around the world, but we hope that those who have not had the opportunity to learn about them will take advantage of this program. We will connect Japanese culture to the next generation and transmit it to the world.


▶ Those who are preparing for overseas assignments, business trips, or study abroad (for future Japan promotion ambassadors).

It is important to study the target country before expanding overseas. However, it is also important to understand Japan before doing so, although it is often forgotten. There will be many opportunities to introduce Japan and Japanese culture to foreign countries. You will probably be asked many questions about Japan. We hope that you will learn about Japanese culture before your departure and make use of it in your intercultural interactions in your home country.

Each one of you is a "Future Japan Ambassador.


▶People from abroad who are staying in Japan for a short period of time for sightseeing in Japan or for a company inspection/visit (Short-term visitors to Japan)

We recommend that you visit "Nihon Ai," a website that provides information about Japan, as a preliminary knowledge before coming to Japan. This will broaden your interest in Japan and further deepen your understanding of the country. We hope that you will make the most of your limited time in Japan.


▶ Those who will enroll in a university in Japan or work for a company in Japan from abroad (long-term residents in Japan or those who plan to stay in Japan for a long period of time).

You will be living for a long period of time in a country where the culture and customs are different from those of your own country. We believe that learning about Japanese culture and customs before coming to Japan is important to increase your motivation. We would be happy to help you enjoy your life in Japan with confidence after you arrive.