Japanese culture Instructor

Kuniko DOHIHARA, Representative Director, NANAMI international Corporation

<Instructor Introduction>

The company provides business Japanese language training for foreigners, Japanese culture courses for foreigners and Japanese, and other services such as guidance for entrance examinations and environmental education for children.


Introductory Test: Aizu cotton by Nanami-style, etc.

Proficiency Tests: "Japanese and Keigo by Nanami Japanese School", "Japanese and Cushion Words by Nanami Japanese School", "Furoshiki by Nanami Furoshiki Course", etc.

Nihon-i studio:
Japanese culture instructor training course instructor for foreigners.
Online Course Instructor Training Course Instructor.


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Akihiro KANEDA

<Instructor Introduction>

Professor Emeritus, Chiba University. Specialized in Japanese linguistics.

Awarded the Dr. Kyosuke Kindaichi Memorial Prize

<Responsible Tests>

Introductory Test: Hachijo Language Proficiency Test, Beginner Level. Questions from "Hachijo Island Kotoba Karuta".

Proficiency Test: Hachijo Language Proficiency Test, Advanced Level. Questions from "Ikita Kotoba of Hachijo Dialect”.


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Eiichi KITANO, Representative Director, Hishiyamaroku Shoyu Co., Ltd.

<Instructor Introduction>

Hishiyamaroku Shoyu is in Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture.

A soy sauce company that has been in business for more than 100 years. Gives lectures at schools to pass on soy sauce to the next generation.

 Exporting soy sauce, a part of Japanese food culture, to European countries.

In recent years, the company has not only been making soy sauce, but also developing products for new markets.


 Introductory Test:Soy Sauce by Hishiyamaroku Shoyu

Nihon-i studio:Japanese culture instructor training course instructor for foreigners


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Kai MORIYAMA, Kagurazaka Katsuno Tofu

<Instructor Introduction>

Kagurazaka Katsuno Tofu is located in Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo. While offering traditional tofu, which has been in business for about 70 years, the restaurant also focuses on product development, such as "TOFU sweets" with a new sense of taste to meet the needs of the times. A "hands-on class for making tofu at home" is also held at a separate location from the store (reservations required).


<Responsible Tests>

Introductory Test: Tofu by Kagurazaka Katsuno Tofu



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Jimbocho Yamagataya Kamiten

<Instructor Introduction>

This Japanese paper store was established in Kanda Jimbocho in 1879 and has been in business for 142 years.

We deal in Japanese paper, Japanese paper products, and Japanese accessories from various regions.

Behind the store is a warehouse that survived the Great Kanto Earthquake and the Tokyo Air Raid, and is used as a warehouse for Japanese paper.

All of our staff members are full of love for washi, and we also sell original washi products and Japanese accessories. Please stop by.

 <Responsible Tests>

Introductory Test: Handmade Washi by Jimbocho Yamagataya Kamiten


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Masato ISHI, Representative, Agri-Aqua Club

<Instructor Introduction>

The company is engaged in agriculture using fallow land, mainly in Chiba Prefecture.

The farm employs retirees and proposes creating a sense of purpose in life and a lifelong career, and grows vegetables without pesticides using liquid fertilizers, while repeatedly making prototypes and implementing agricultural businesses one step ahead of the competition.

Manufactures and sells a sixth product (product name: ahoene oil) made from garlic grown and harvested on the farm.

Many TV and radio appearances.


Nihon-i Studio: Lecturer of courses for Japanese and foreigners.



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