Nihon Ai Studio Japan deliver Station

We will deliver videos or live broadcasts of Japanese culture, Japanese technology, Japanese sightseeing spots, Japanese festivals, etc.

The delivery locations will be real Japan from each lecturer's office, Japanese product production locations, Japanese farms, Japanese fishing ports, and hidden tourist attractions in Japan.

▶Distributed to

 Japanese and foreigners living in Japan and abroad.


▶Course contents to be delivered

01.  Japanese Technology  example: Tatami production.


02. Introduction to hidden tourist attractions and specialties of Japan.|Hachijo Town, Tokyo|Aogashima Village, Tokyo|


03. Various Japanese festivals and events.


04. Introduction to Japanese manga and anime. 


05. Courses on Japanese agriculture or fisheries|Introduction to Japanese agricultural businesses|Introduction to farms|


06. Courses on Japanese culture.|Online furoshiki courses|Languages and dialects in danger of disappearing|


07.  Various lectures on Japanese food culture.|Soy sauce|Miso|Sake|Tofu|


08.  Lectures on Souvenirs from Japan to Foreign Countries.


09.  Lectures on useful things to know before a long stay in Japan.


 10. Lectures on useful things to know before traveling to Japan (short term stay).


 11.  Lecture on the Japanese education system for those who plan to stay in Japan.


 12. Business manners for finding a job at a Japanese company|Cushion words|Honorific expressions|Seating arrangements|Business customs|


 13. Business Japanese for Employment in Japanese Companies.


 14. Japanese manners|Manners for weddings|Chopstick manners|


*1 In addition to the above, we will accept your requests.

*2 Custom-made courses for groups are available only for group members.

*3 Depending on the subject and schedule, you may be required to take courses together with

  students of other courses. Please understand.


For more information, please contact us using the inquiry  form.

Courses for the general public are in preparation.

Japanese Culture Instructor Training Course for Foreigners

We will hold a Japanese culture instructor training course for foreigners.

The course is intended for foreign instructors of Japanese culture who are currently active overseas and those who plan to become such instructors.


We welcome lecturers from overseas who are teaching in the Japanese language education departments of universities and private Japanese language education institutions located abroad.


We also welcome foreign residents who are currently in Japan and wish to become Japanese culture instructors after returning to their home countries.


◆Contents of the Japanese Culture Instructor Training Course for Foreigners

01. Basic Knowledge of Japan A

02. Basic Knowledge of Japan B

03. Introduction to Japanese Culture

04. Intercultural Understanding

05. Various Japanese Culture Courses

06. Practical Japanese Culture Courses


We will provide an estimate of the course fee at a special open price. 


Please consult with us about the time and number of participants (groups).

Please consult with us about time difference, contents, and languages.

▶Payment for Instructor Training Courses

・Credit card


You can take the course after payment is confirmed.

 Please contact us using the "Inquiry Form".