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Welcome to the “Nihon-Ai” portal site!


We will introduce information about Japan such as Japanese culture, Japanese techniques, Japanese language, Japanese products, and hidden tourist destinations in Japan.


We hope that many people will understand Japan and will disseminate information to the next generation and overseas.



【Japan Information Page】

Information about Japan in Japanese culture, Japanese food culture, Japanese products, Japanese language and dialects, and the Japan Handy Book.


 【Japan Sightseeing Page】

We introduce hidden sightseeing spots in Japan (support for underpopulated areas).


 【Japan Ai Test】

Learn and find out about Japan through tests! 

Two tests are available.

There is an introductory test (free of charge) and a proficiency test (charged).

Both tests use an automated test-taking system, which automatically takes care of everything from reception to the issuance of test result certificates.


【Nihongo Ai Studio】

The studio has two roles.

The studio's distribution station offers various courses for understanding Japan, either live or on video.

The studio distributes lectures both in Japan and overseas.

The studio office assists online delivery for Japanese culture instructors.



We recommend the following people to use the Nihon-ai Portal Site.


1. Children and adults who want to deepen their understanding of Japan.

2. People who are expanding overseas from Japan. Future Japanese Promotion Ambassadors.

(Emigrants, business trips, study abroad, people who want to get a job at an overseas company.)

3.Short-term residents who travel from overseas to Japan or visit companies.

4.Long-term residents such as those who go on to Japanese universities from overseas or those who find employment in Japanese companies.

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