Japanese Products 3- Japanese Watches

History of Japanese Watches

I found a mention that domestic clocks were started in 1892 at Seikosha, which was built by Kintaro Hattori.

Kintaro Hattori is the founder of Hattori Watch Store (now Seiko Holdings Corporation).


There are two types of clocks. The table clock/hanging clock type and the wristwatch type.


Pocket watches. Although they are not so common nowadays, there is still a deep-rooted pocket watch mania.


Japanese Watch Manufacturers


Seiko" is a leading Japanese manufacturer with 140 years of history. Nowadays, not only Japanese people but also tourists visiting Japan are buying watches at mass merchandisers in Japan. For foreigners, a Japanese-made wristwatch is a status symbol, and the word "SEIKO" is well known overseas as well.


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CITIZEN" is one of Japan's leading watch companies, founded in 1918. The name "CITIZEN" has a wish to be "familiar to citizens," and as the aim of the naming, the price, etc., are also familiar watches.

Citizen is also popular with international visitors and offers a variety of watch series.


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Casio is a popular brand created in 1957.

It is so famous for "G-SHOCK" that it has boomed not only in Japan but also worldwide. It is a very convenient watch for outdoor activities such as diving, surfing, and mountain climbing with its shock-resistant and water-resistant features. There is also the "BABY-G," which is slightly smaller and fits the arm size of elementary and junior high school students as well as adult women.


In recent years, "G-SHOCK" also offers a lineup of products with various designs that match not only sports-type watches but also suits.


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Orient" is a Japanese wristwatch brand that mainly offers a lineup of mechanical wristwatches, which was renamed from Tama Keiki K.K. in 1950 to Orient Corporation in 1951.

It is a luxury watch with a sophisticated design. I can see Japanese men proudly talking about having an Orient watch.

Orient's mechanical watches are highly acclaimed abroad.


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