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History of Japanese Computer Games

In 1973, the curtain came down on computer games in Japan.

Sega released "Pontron" as a copy of Atari's "PONG" in the U.S., and Taito released "Erepon" as the first computer game in Japan.


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Computer Game Genres

Computer game genres are genres in which computer games are classified according to content, method of operation, and type of game console.


There is no unified standard for how to classify each genre, and each work is classified across multiple genre definitions, including sub-genres.


The game genres specified by manufacturers for individual works are used for convenience and convention in sales strategies, and thus differ from both academic and consumer classifications, although no distinction can be made between them.


Action Games

Role Playing Games

Puzzle Games

Simulation Games

Adventure Games

Shooting Games

Sports Games

Racing Games

Music Games

Compound genre


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Introduction of gaming portals

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Children should play with their parents.


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