Japanese Food Culture 10-Miso

What is Japanese miso?

Miso (soybean paste) is a fermented food made by adding salt and koji (malted rice) to grains such as soybeans, rice, and wheat. It is a traditional Japanese food.


There are two theories about the origin of miso: one is that it came from China, and the other is that it was made in Japan during the Nara period (710-1192).

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Miso is a fermented food

Fermented foods have become popular both in Japan and abroad, as we now know that fermented foods are good for the body.

One of them is miso, a traditional Japanese food.


Making miso at home is also booming

Miso making class is popular. Some people make their own miso at home every year. The reason is that it is additive-free and you can make miso that suits your taste.


Introducing a website where you can learn all about miso in Japan

Since the Japanese archipelago is long, the type of miso used varies depending on the region.


You can learn recipes for miso dishes, videos on how to make miso dishes, and introductions to miso restaurants all over Japan from the "Miso Health Promotion Committee" website.

There is also an explanation of miso in English.


Introduction to the website where you can learn all about miso

External site  Miso Health Promotion Committee  https://miso.or.jp/



We hope that through miso we can deepen our understanding of Japan.