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History of Japanese kitchen knives

The oldest kitchen knife in Japan is from the Nara period (710-1192) and is stored in Shosoin.

Since kitchen knives are sharpened and used, they will decrease.

Currently, there are few remaining (there are various theories).


(Reference: Fuji Cutlery Corporation)


Where Japanese knives are produced

新潟県三条市=にいがたけん さんじょうし=Sanjo, Niigata Prefecture

新潟県燕市=にいがたけん つばめし=Tsubame City, Niigata Prefecture

岐阜県関市=ぎふけん せきし=Seki-shi, Gifu Prefecture

福井県越前市=ふくいけん えちぜんし=Echizen City, Fukui Prefecture

大阪府堺市=おおさか さかいし=Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture 

兵庫県三木市=ひょうごけん みきし=Miki City, Hyogo Prefecture

島根県安来市=しまねけん やすぎし=Yasugishi, Shimane Prefecture

高知県香美市=こうちけん かみし=Kami City Kochi Prefecture 



Many products are designated as traditional crafts.


(Reference: All about Kaijirushi knives)


Why Japanese kitchen knives are so popular overseas

In a word, the sharpness of kitchen knives is popular.

It can be said that it is a Japanese technique inherited from the sword culture of Samurai.



刺身包丁=さしみぼうちょう=SASHIMI BOUCHOU



This knife is specially designed for cutting sashimi.

Sashimi knife = SASHIMI BOUCHOU.

Another name is "YANAGIBABOUCHOU".


Types of Japanese kitchen knives


Japanese kitchen knives are called "Wa boucho". Here we introduce "Wa boucho".


薄刃包丁=うすばぼうちょう=USUBA BOUCHOU

出刃包丁=でばぼうちょう=DEBA BOUCHOU

菜切包丁=なきりぼうちょう=NAKIRI BOUCHOU

刺身包丁=さしみぼうちょう=SASHIMI BOUCHOU



This is a common knife. There are others that can be described in more detail.



刺身包丁=さしみぼうちょう=SHASHIMI BOUCHOU

別の名前は柳葉包丁=やなぎばぼうちょう=YANAGIBA BOUCHOU


▶左から二番目=Second from left.

菜切包丁=なきりぼうちょう=NAKIRI BOUCOU


▶左から三番目=Third from left.

薄刃包丁=うすばぼうちょう=USUBA BOUCHOU


出刃包丁=でばぼうちょう=DEBA BOUCHOU


We hope that through Japanese kitchen knives, you will deepen your understanding of Japan.