Japanese Products 10-Japanese Manga and Anime

Differences between Manga and Anime

Manga is expressed only with pictures and text.

Animation is a moving image that includes music, voice, and other sounds along with the pictures.


Based on past examples, it seems that many companies start out by selling manga, and then produce and sell animation.


Introduction of sites related to Japanese manga and anime

Here is an introduction to sites where you can learn about Japanese manga and anime.

Some sites are written in English, but others are only in Japanese.

Please use translation software to batch translate the sites into your language.


MyAnimeList is one of the world's largest gathering of overseas Japanese anime fans.


 External site  https://myanimelist.net/



Top 60 most popular Japanese anime overseas [Latest edition in 2022]

RANK1 Rank One

 External site  https://rank1-media.com/I0003545


We hope that through manga and anime, understanding of Japan will deepen.


Introduction of Anime Tourism Association

Anime Tourism 88

 External bsite  https://animetourism88.com/ja