Japanese Products 7- Japanese Camera

History of Japanese Camera

In 1903, Konishi Honten (now Konica Minolta) introduced a dry plate camera called the "Cherry Tesage Anbako.


It was the first camera mass-produced in Japan for amateurs, and because it was affordable even for the general public at the time, it was a major step forward in the popularization of cameras.


Cameras for professionals are expensive, but this camera seems to have succeeded in appealing to the amateur segment of the market.


(Reference: Kansai Photography Club SHARE)


Japanese Camera Makers

Here are seven Japanese camera makers.



External website  https://www.nikon-image.com/products/



External website  https://cweb.canon.jp/product/camera/


▶PENTAX  Ricoh Imaging Company, Ltd.

External website  https://www.ricoh-imaging.co.jp/japan/products/



External website  https://www.olympus-imaging.jp/



External website  https://www.fujifilm.com/jp/ja/consumer/digitalcameras



External website  https://www.sony.jp/ichigan/



External website  https://panasonic.jp/dc/ 


When you don't know how to use a Japanese camera

Camera enthusiasts should have no trouble using the camera, but beginners may have trouble understanding how to use the camera and how to take pictures.


Camera instruction manuals are available in many languages, but there are some points that are difficult to understand.


A shortcut to learning how to use a Japanese camera is to watch a video. If you enter the name of the camera manufacturer and model number and search, you will find many videos that explain the camera in detail.


These are not only in Japanese, but I was surprised to find videos of foreigners explaining in English and other languages.

I think this phenomenon shows that Japanese cameras are popular and in demand worldwide.



When you come to Japan, take lots of pictures of your memories of Japan with a Japanese camera!