Japenese Culture Japanese Family Crest FUROSHIKI(家紋ちらしの風呂敷)

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The topic of this issue is about Japanese Culture Japanese Family Crest FUROSHIKI(家紋ちらしの風呂敷).


Do you Know Japanese Family Crest(Japanese KAMON)?

This furoshiki designed "Japanese Family Crest(=KAMON)".


There are many family crests(=KAMON) in Japan.

Currently, it’s said that there are 4,000~10,000~20,000 types of family crests in Japan.(There are various theories.)


The origin of the family crest is the HEIAN period.

Family crest(=KAMON) has a deep relationship with Family Name.


Even with the same Family Name, there are many cases where the family crest is different.


Currently, in Japanese law, when you get married,it's defined to use either one of the two family names.


Family crests may use different crests before and after marriage.

Use the family name family crest.


The kimono I made before marriage and the one I made after marriage differ in the design of the family crest.


When I became a new Family Name,I may needed to renew the family crest,but I use the old family crest because my old family crest is given the love from my parents.


When I make new kimono, I use a new family crest.


When used in a formal scene, we use FUROSHIKI with a family crest on it.

The furoshiki in the picture is a drawing of many crest designs and not used in formal situations.


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