Japanese sweets AUDREY “Hello Berry”

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The topic of this issue is about Japanese sweets AUDREY “Hello Berry”.


There are always long lines at both AUDREY stores. Many people have probably given up and said, “I can't buy it today either.”


Because these Japanese sweets are so popular, when you receive an AUDREY product, thinking about how long you spent standing in line for it makes you doubly happy, plus the thought of the person who gave it to you.


AUDREY's product lineup includes a variety of cute sweets topped with freeze-dried strawberries. We believe that every product pursues delicate taste and attractive appearance.


The photo shows a product called “Hello Berry” in the AUDREY lineup.

It is made of rich chocolate from Hokkaido and filled with fluese-dried strawberries. The cookie part is also very deliciously baked.


We hope you will consider them as gifts for your loved ones.


We hope that today's introduction of popular Japanese sweets and the importance of choosing the right gift will deepen your understanding of Japan.